Calling All Super Surrogates!

Surrogacy, with all of its excitement, joy and generosity, is not an easy task by any means. Surrogates put their bodies and their minds through a great deal of labor (literally and figuratively) to help individuals and couples fulfill their dream of having a child. And although they get compensated, this is not the easiest and safest way to make money. So you may ask, why do they do it? Simply said, these amazing women want to help. In many ways, these surrogates are selflessly giving of themselves (and their families) the way first responders do, when they put themselves at risk for
others. First responders save lives, our surrogates make lives. It may appear to be less heroic and it’s not as glamorous or exciting, but this is their way of helping people, of contributing to the world, of acting generously. They make the choice and the sacrifice and they truly are SUPER Surrogates!

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