Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: When Do I Ovulate?

Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: When Do I Ovulate?

Thanks to our guest blogger, Marcy Coning, who submitted this post to us for release.  This post is important, not just for women trying to get pregnant, but it is also important for any woman to know and understand her cycles.

Determining when you ovulate is a vital factor if you need to know when you are more likely to get pregnant. This is very important and helpful for women who are trying to conceive, and can also be somewhat helpful for women who are trying not to get pregnant. Regardless of their choice, women asking themselves; “When do I ovulate?”, will surely benefit from their introspection.

Knowing when you ovulate has other advantages too. Some you may not have even considered before. Most women only think about ovulation as it pertains to pregnancy. Consider some other (lesser known) reasons that women should be aware of their ovulation cycles and feel free to take a peek at these interesting articles on our site…

Why Know When I Ovulate?

When a woman understands her cycle and her body, she is able to take better care of herself and understand the needs of her body. This way, she is more in control of what her nutritional needs are, as well as emotional needs. Some types of natural birth control methods use ovulation predictions as a way to avoid pregnancy for those who do not want to use synthetic hormones or barrier methods.

Knowing your ovulation schedule is most commonly related to getting pregnant, or not getting pregnant. But if you read those articles linked to above, you’ll learn how a woman’s beauty, radiance and even self-confidence are actually related to when she ovulates.

The planning your wedding… article talks about how a woman is most beautiful during ovulation and how she may want to plan her wedding accordingly. And this could go both ways. Maybe she wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. But at the same time, her and her new husband may not want to get pregnant at the very beginning of their marriage. Either way, knowing when she ovulates can play a very important role in when to schedule this very important day.

In the get asked out on more dates… article – it mentions the association between attraction and confidence. When you are ovulating you are more attractive. When you feel more attractive you have more confidence. The article talks about how to use that confidence to attract more dates. But if you don’t want or need more dates, consider using your newly discovered confidence for one of several reasons…

  • make a good impression in a job interview
  • negotiate a better deal for a major purchase (like a new car)
  • convince your spouse or significant other to see things your way
  • or any other reason you may need a boost in confidence

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Conceptual Options Ovulation

Conceptual Options Ovulation