Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Intended Parent via Surrogacy Testimonial

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Intended Parent via Surrogacy Testimonial

Here at Conceptual Options we were fortunate to have a wonderful couple prepare a testimonial of their surrogacy journey.  Their story is as follows:

Why I Chose Conceptual Options as My Surrogacy Agency to Create my Family

When my husband and I realized that we had to use a surrogate to create our family, we were devastated and confused at the same time.  There were many Southern California agencies and clinics that claimed to have surrogates waiting to be matched.  Well, for the most part that was not actually the case – most agencies either have no qualified, available surrogates or they have a six to nine month waiting list.  So, what is an Intended Parent to do?  Ultimately, we decided to select Conceptual Options to locate and select our surrogate after months of research.

Why Conceptual Options?  Because they have been in business since 1999 (for over 16 years!), have an excellent reputation that is above all others in the industry, and the staff is with you every step of the way in your journey to creating a family.  In addition, they have a staff that includes three psychologists that creates a program like no other agency or clinic in this industry.  Besides, we had the option you can pay another agency’s retainer and wait however
long that it takes until a surrogate that meets our criteria becomes available with that agency.  But, how long would that take?   And, what is the incentive for the agency to make certain that you are at the front of the line when they have other Intended Parents that have not signed their retainer yet?  Both answers are unknown and a scary prospect for any Intended Parent.

And, what about the six to nine month waiting lists?  Said surrogacy agency may be upfront about having a wait for surrogates, whereby you pay your first installment on the services retainer (often in excess of $10,000.00) and then get placed on their waiting list.   But what many Intended Parents do not realize is that most of these agency agreements place you on a list for the next available surrogate that the agency deems a good surrogate for you.  And, what if you decide not to work with the surrogate chosen for you?  Are you the next in line or are you at the back of the line again?   My husband and I were not willing to wait for the agency to decide for us or select us as next in line.

So, what does this all mean to you?  You wait and you wait while other agencies may have a surrogate that you would like to use to help create your family.  Why limit yourself by signing up and paying a substantial fee to be put on a waiting list and be provided the surrogate that they feel is best for you?  And why reject that woman, if you are then put on the bottom of the list?  It is a great business model for the surrogacy agency, but this is not in your best interest, nor that of your future family.

You should feel control in a situation where much of your control has been taken from you.  Yes, anything can happen along the way at any surrogacy agency, as in life, but why relinquish control when you don’t have to.  Be an active participant in your journey to creating your family.  And, that’s what we did – we selected Conceptual Options.  You should too.

Thank you to Conceptual Options and our wonderful surrogate.

Conceptual Options Surrogacy News: Selecting an Agency

Conceptual Options Surrogacy News: Selecting an Agency

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