Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: The Golden State of Surrogacy

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: The Golden State of Surrogacy

People often ask: “Why is California the best place for surrogacy? Can’t we just do the whole thing in our home country/state?” Well, California, especially Southern California is the best place for surrogacy because our state has the best laws in place for both Intended Parents and Surrogates.  California does not make intended parents “adopt”
their child born through surrogacy like many other states do; and it is not illegal, like it is in countries such as China.

In California, the intended parents automatically go on the birth certificate once their child (or children) is born, which means that the surrogate never goes on the birth certificate and in the eyes of the law (both here and in your home country) you are your child’s only parent(s). Furthermore, unlike other countries or states homosexual couples, single parents, and heterosexual couples are all treated the same when it comes to surrogacy and having their names appear on their child’s birth certificate.

California laws do not just protect the interests of intended parents though; they also protect the interests of surrogates to ensure that they are protected legally throughout their entire pregnancy. After all, California is the golden state and we truly offer the gold standard of service to all of our clients.  Conceptual Options, especially, is located in multiple Southern California locations that make it easy for both domestic and international intended parents to visit our offices and experience the personalize experience that we offer to every client no matter their nationality or sexuality.

Conceptual Options - Golden State for Surrogacy

Conceptual Options – Golden State for Surrogacy