Conceptual Options Surrogacy & Fertility News: Egg Freezing – a Dilemma or a Gift?

Conceptual Options Surrogacy & Fertility News: Egg Freezing – a Dilemma or a Gift?

Egg freezing certainly seems like an option for many women who want to put off their child bearing years while they further their career – which is why we have seen some big companies offering that as a benefit to their employees, like Facebook and Apple.

However, is egg freezing the wonder drug of sorts to extend our fertility?  We found this interesting article on Nautilus entitled Why Egg Freezing is an Impossible Choice, and we thought you would enjoy.

Last fall, I went to an egg freezing cocktail hour. The downstairs bar of the glossy SoHo hotel was thronged with women in heels and sleek business attire. Club music thumped, cameras flashed, and I narrowly missed being hit by a videographer angling a tripod over the crowd. The evening was hosted by Eggbanxx, a startup that sells financing for egg freezing, framed as fertility insurance for the forward-thinking urban professional woman.

At the bar, where they were serving up free “Banxxtini” cocktails, I spoke with a 27-year-old who was “95 percent sure” she would freeze her eggs and a 36-year-old data scientist who claimed to be “skeptical.” Together, we filed into a screening room adjoining the bar, where three New York-area endocrinologists lectured us on a new technique that, they claimed, could freeze our reproductive chances in time. Female fertility declines sharply at 37, due to a decline in the quantity and quality of eggs. But when women use fresh eggs from a young donor in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle—a process in which fresh eggs are harvested from the donor, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus—live birth rates rise across ages to 56 percent.1 Now, thanks to a new freezing technology, women could become their own future egg donors, rather than relying on the fresh eggs of another, younger donor. “It’s good to be empowered as a woman,” beamed Janelle Luk, a doctor at Neway Fertility.

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Conceptual Options  & Egg Freezing

Conceptual Options & Egg Freezing