Conceptual Options Surrogacy News: Becoming a Surrogate

Conceptual Options Surrogacy News: Becoming a Surrogate

“With my short life I am changing the lives of families for the better. I don’t know what you are doing with your life, but this is what I’m doing with mine.” 
-A Conceptual Options surrogate

Being a surrogate is not something that everyone may want to do, and it is definitely not something that everyone can do, especially if you are a surrogate for Conceptual Options.   At Conceptual Options only about 4% of all women that apply to become a surrogate are chosen for their program, but considering that a surrogate is someone who will be
carrying a child (or children) for someone else,  it is a big commitment.

Conceptual Options has a rigorous vetting process for every woman that applies to become a surrogate with their agency; to begin a potential surrogate must have previously delivered at least one healthy child without any complications during her pregnancy. While also be willing to be completely committed to their potential intended parents and adhere to Conceptual Options strict screening and counseling protocols. Which includes a lengthy
application with in person interviews, psychological testing, psychological evaluation, infectious disease screening, medical records evaluation, and a criminal background check.

If you think you are prepared to undergo these evaluations and screening process, Conceptual Options’ staff will guide you through the entire process making sure that you are well informed and comfortable the entire time.  After all, becoming a surrogate is a huge commitment not only because of the time and physical commitment, but also the
mental commitment.  And Conceptual Options wants to ensure that your experience is the true five star experience that we strive for every single day.

Conceptual Options - Becoming a Surrogate

Conceptual Options – Becoming a Surrogate