Conceptual Options Surrogacy Update: In the Defense of Surrogacy Part II

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Update: In the Defense of Surrogacy Part II

Last week we posted Perez Hilton’s announcement on the birth of his second child via surrogacy, and how he felt that surrogacy should be legalized all over the country.   So, today, we wanted to take it a step further and post some thoughts written by one of our awesome employees here at Conceptual Options.

There are those that say that Surrogacy is not only morally wrong, but it should be outlawed because it exploits women, specifically women that are Surrogates. They say that Surrogates are not being treated as people, but as “breeders” or “wombs for sale.” In essence, they are saying that Surrogates are being exploited for their bodies.

However, what these critics fail to realize is that Surrogacy is about helping someone have the child(ren) that they always wanted and were unable to have on their own. Surrogates are not being exploited for their wombs, quite the opposite actually. These women are giving these infertile people the gift of life, the family that they have always wanted and could never have.

Of course, these critics do not see it that way, because they are being paternalistic and believe that women who want to become Surrogates do not understand the gravity of their actions and need to be “protected” from being used. If this were a third world country that argument might have merit, but here in the United States Surrogates are not destitute women doing anything they can to get by; in the United States Surrogates are smart, caring mothers who want to help people or couples who are unable to have children of their own experience the joy and unconditional love of a child.

And yes, there have been negative aspects to Surrogacy in the United States, but that is a small minority of experiences far outweighed by all of the good that Surrogacy and the women who are Surrogates have brought about. But all these critics want to talk about is the small minority, the negative, instead of looking at any of the positive aspects of Surrogacy.

We should be championing the heartening aspects of Surrogacy, giving the same if not more weight to all of the good that Surrogacy and Surrogates have done. Lets think of those now…Think of all of the children and families that have been created through the help of Surrogate mothers. Think of all of the dreams that have come true because a family is finally complete. Think of all the heartbreak and heartache that has been eased because a Surrogate helped the ultimate dream come true, a child. Think of the swell of unconditional love that a parent feels upon first meeting their child. Think of the wholeness that a child brings to a family. For some families, these thoughts would not be a reality without a Surrogate.

We hope you enjoy.

Conceptual Options Surrogacy News - Defense of Surrogacy

Conceptual Options Surrogacy News – Defense of Surrogacy