Conceptual Options IVF News: Divorced Couple Must Destroy Embryos

Conceptual Options IVF News: Divorced Couple Must Destroy Embryos

A San Francisco judge ruled last month that effectively ordered a divorced couple to thaw and discard any remaining embryos currently frozen in their IVF clinic’s office.

San Francisco judge ruled Wednesday that frozen embryos a woman wants to use over her ex-husband’s objections must be “thawed and discarded.”

Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo, in an 83-page decision, upheld a consent form the couple signed shortly after their marriage in 2010. The couple agreed on the form provided by the fertility clinic that the embryos should be destroyed if they divorced.

“It is a disturbing consequence of modern biological technology that the fate of nascent human life, which the embryos in this case represent, must be determined in a court by reference to cold legal principles,” Massullo wrote.

In addition, despite the woman’s objections the judge determined the following:

In about a dozen other embryo disputes around the country, not one high court has decided to award an embryo to someone over the ex-partner’s objection. No appellate court in California has decided the issues posed in the Lee-Findley case, but Massullo (judge) said her ruling was consistent with how other courts in the nation have viewed such cases.

Binding agreements minimize the need for court resolution of what many believe is one of the most personal decisions an individual makes: when and under what circumstances to bring a child into the world.

A spokeswoman for Lee said she was disappointed and considering her options. She had indicated previously that she would appeal if she lost.

Read more here about the Divorced Couple who must thaw and destroy their embryos.

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Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: China’s Ban on Egg Freezing Becoming National Debate

Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: China’s Ban on Egg Freezing Becoming National Debate

Many women in China are in a outrage over the Chinese government’s ban on egg freezing for single women who want to preserve their fertility.  As they rightly should be, if you ask us.

According to Quartz,

If only it were equally simple for women in China to store their eggs—a hot topic since local media reported on several celebrities who, concerned about their age or the quality of their ova, have had their eggs frozen to allow them to delay motherhood. Of particular concern to Chinese women: The celebrities traveled abroad to escape strict laws on egg freezing; in China, married women face many restrictions on freezing their eggs, and the process is entirely closed to single women.

China’s ban on freezing eggs is officially in place to prevent an illegal ova trade but—unfortunately for many—freezing eggs is also against the interests of the state. In recent years the government has been trying to encourage women to give birth, rather than to put off motherhood, and freezing eggs could act against that…

The ACWF also ended its report on the topic with quotes from a gynecology doctor at the respected Fudan University, who detailed the dangers of storing eggs, and added: “I would suggest that healthy women have children rather than store eggs as an ‘insurance policy.’”

Interesting discussion on the concept of egg freezing, and one that we are also dealing with here in the US on a different level – not one that includes a ban, but one that questions if a woman should delay childbirth for her career. Read more here about China’s Ban on Egg Freezing.

Conceptual Options News: Egg Freezing Ban China

Conceptual Options News: Egg Freezing Ban China

Conceptual Options Egg Donation News: Considering Egg Donation?

Conceptual Options Egg Donation News: Considering Egg Donation

With the increase of the use of egg donors for helping couples/women/men create their families, we thought it would be helpful for women considering egg donation to read the following information from the Colorado Center for Egg Donation.

Highlighting Possible Risks and Considerations of Egg Donation

If you are considering becoming an egg donor for an infertile couple, you should be aware of certain risks that it might bring to your health and well-being. It is of course a rewarding experience; however, the egg donation process takes several months and includes time consuming appointments with the doctors, the staff, therapists and counselors. The medical procedure that follows could turn out to be uncomfortable physically and brings about emotional turmoil to the donors. The process is tiresome. Some good egg donation centers are upfront and are willing to answer to the queries raises by the applicants.

To Consider:

  1. If you are thinking of becoming an egg donor, understand that there is a specific criterion such as specified age range, good health, non smoker and suitable weight that must be met. The screening process involves several steps in order to verify if the possible donor fits the required portfolio and are healthy enough to undergo through the procedure.
  1. However, there are other aspects of the process that must be considered. Physical exam that includes submission of blood test and cervical cultures. This initial medical examination is mandatory to screen for any inheritable diseases or disorders. The ability to pass a physical exam determines if the applicant will be able to develop and carry the eggs without problems.
  1. The candidate must also pass a psychological test usually administered on a computer. The examination also includes evaluation by a psychologist to provide the patient with detailed information of mental stress that could be involved with the entire process. This also helps the doctors to understand if the possible donor will have the mental capacity to take on the commitment.
  1. The donor must maintain a flexible routine so that weekly appointments could be scheduled. During these visits, blood test is carried to check the health of the donor and their reaction to the prescribed medications.
  1. The procedure also requires self inject medication to stimulate growth and health of the eggs.

Prior to beginning an egg donor cycle, we suggest egg donors to discuss the potential risks and side effects involved with a fertility physician.

Read more here if you are considering egg donation.

Conceptual Options Egg Donation Considerations

Conceptual Options Egg Donation Considerations

Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: German Grandmother Pregnant with Quadruplets

Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: German Grandmother Pregnant with Quadruplets

A 65-year-old German woman is set to become the world’s oldest mother of quadruplets.

According toBioNews,

Annegret Raunigk, a language teacher and mother of 13, went to a Ukrainian fertility clinic to undergo treatment using donated gametes because egg donation is illegal in Germany. It took over a year and a half to conceive and she is now in her 21st week of pregnancy, reports RTL.

In an interview with the German news broadcaster, Raunigk dismissed questions over whether her age would make caring for four infants difficult. ‘I’m healthy now, why wouldn’t I be in five years time?’ she said.

Raunigk also said she was not concerned about being judged by others. Although she did not say in the interview exactly why she decided to have more children, RTL quoted her as explaining that it was because her youngest daughter wanted a new brother or sister.

Raunigk’s oldest child is 44 and her youngest is nine years old – a birth that made headlines in Germany at the time. She also has seven grandchildren. Her children have five different fathers.

What are your thoughts?  Is 65 too old?  Who decides the age that is appropriate?

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