Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: German Grandmother Pregnant with Quadruplets

Conceptual Options IVF & Surrogacy News: German Grandmother Pregnant with Quadruplets

A 65-year-old German woman is set to become the world’s oldest mother of quadruplets.

According toBioNews,

Annegret Raunigk, a language teacher and mother of 13, went to a Ukrainian fertility clinic to undergo treatment using donated gametes because egg donation is illegal in Germany. It took over a year and a half to conceive and she is now in her 21st week of pregnancy, reports RTL.

In an interview with the German news broadcaster, Raunigk dismissed questions over whether her age would make caring for four infants difficult. ‘I’m healthy now, why wouldn’t I be in five years time?’ she said.

Raunigk also said she was not concerned about being judged by others. Although she did not say in the interview exactly why she decided to have more children, RTL quoted her as explaining that it was because her youngest daughter wanted a new brother or sister.

Raunigk’s oldest child is 44 and her youngest is nine years old – a birth that made headlines in Germany at the time. She also has seven grandchildren. Her children have five different fathers.

What are your thoughts?  Is 65 too old?  Who decides the age that is appropriate?

Conceptual Options Surrogacy & IVF News

Conceptual Options Surrogacy & IVF News

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News: The Best Foods for Pregnant Women for Surrogates & Intended Mothers

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News:  The Best Foods for Pregnant Women for Surrogates & Intended Mothers

Protein, low fat dairy, flaxseeds, lean beef, lentils, colorful fruits and veggies, popcorn and water are the best foods for Surrogates & Intended Mothers who are pregnant. And yes, popcorn is a really good option while pregnant because it increases your intake of whole grain and is packed with fiber, which is great if you are suffering from constipation.  Plus, eating popcorn can help with any nausea because it is packed with good starches.
Conceptual Options Pregnancy Foods Surrogates & Intended Mothers

Conceptual Options Pregnancy Foods Surrogates & Intended Mothers

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News: Conquering the Postnatal Pooch for Surrogates & Intended Mothers

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News: Conquering the Postnatal Pooch for Surrogates and Intended Mothers

One of the biggest worries when getting pregnant is that the body will never return to it’s previous state. This type of thinking is only natural since clearly the woman’s abdomen stretches out to lengths she never thought possible, food cravings become a new force of nature, and exercising seems unrealistic when waddling is the only way you can get around.

Luckily there are things you can do prenatal and postnatal to get your body back to how it was before if not even better! This article focuses it’s attention on flattening the abdominals and getting rid of the pooch that hangs around due to diastasis recti. Approaches include specific abdominal exercises, wearing a corset, and focusing on a specific diet.

Read more here on pregnancy, postnatal pooch for Surrogates and Intended Mothers alike.

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Conceptual Options Pregnancy News Postnatal Pooch

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency Health News: My BMI is Too High!

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency Health News: My BMI is Too High!  How Excess Carbs make You Gain Weight

Are you struggling to decrease your BMI? Perhaps you’re approaching weight loss all wrong. Quite often people think that a low calorie and a low fat diet will help them to lose weight, this approach is all wrong. Fat does not make you fat. Don’t be afraid of fat, it keeps you full and tastes delicious! What is actually making you fat is too many carbs. Yes, your body does need carbs however when eaten in excess can cause weight gain and hunger which leads to eating more which leads to weight gain; it’s a vicious cycle. This article breaks down the science behind why excess carbs make you fat and the best approach to losing weight. After reading this article you will be armed with the information that will help you stick with a proper diet instead of just blindly following the advice of others without the facts.

Read more about your BMI and Carbs here.

Conceptual Options BMI & Carbs

Conceptual Options BMI & Carbs


Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency Health News: Pregnancy Fears

When you find out that you are pregnant, it’s common to have fears. Your mind is probably running wild with questions concerning miscarriage and proper fetal development. It is completely normal to have these fears. Not being worried about your child is something to worry about. However, there is a fine line of healthy worrying and overboard stress worrying. This article will inform you with the facts and advice you need to move forward with your pregnancy in a reassuring way.

Read more here.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that
something else is more important than fear.”
― Ambrose Redmoon

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Conceptual Options Pregnancy Fears

Conceptual Options Health News: Top Ten Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Conceptual Options Health News: Top Ten Signs You Might Be Pregnant

1. Your Period’s Past Due

If it was a bill, you’d be paying a late charge! This most obvious sign of pregnancy causes women to search for more details about the other pregnancy symptoms. We’re your perfect destination!

2. Successful Ovulation chart

Your temperatures soared with ovulation and stayed high! Progesterone from that developing baby keeps your basal body temperature elevated. Congratulations!

3. Moody Behavior

Raging hormones cause unpredictable emotions. You can be bawling hysterically or feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster — euphoric one moment, down in the dumps the next. Y

4. Where’s My Pillow?

Speaking of sleep, you may find yourself ready for bed soon after the alarm clock hollers. Your morning coffee break becomes a close encounter with the desktop and the couch beacons you for an afternoon nap. Some experts say that the amount of progesterone circulating through your body also makes you feel a little sluggish.

5. Breast Tenderness

You put on your bra and writhe in agonizing pain as the “sandpaper” grates up against you. That bra was just fine last week! During pregnancy, your breasts might be very tender, swollen and start to enlarge. Great, what else?

6. How’s Your Appetite

Does the sight and smell of food send you running for the bathroom? You might not get morning sickness, but if you do, “morning sickness” might be a misnomer. The nauseous feeling can and often does occur at any time during the day. Along with feeling nauseous, you might develop food aversions or food cravings during pregnancy.

7. Frequent Urination

Peeing a lot can raise suspicion (and hope)! Your uterus swells to make room for your growing baby immediately. This pressure on your bladder encourages extra trips to the bathroom. You could start to feel this symptom within a week or two after conception. You could insert another, “Oh great…” here.

8. Light Spotting

Light bleeding or spotting might occur eight to ten days from ovulation — often around the same time you would have gotten your menstrual period. The fertilized egg burrows into the endometrial lining and sometimes causes spotting.

9. Food Tastes Different

Since when did water have an aftertaste? You might find foods don’t taste like you remember. Some seem bitter and you sense a funny taste in your mouth even when you haven’t eaten. Pregnancy can cause an altered sense of taste.

10. Positive Pregnancy Test

You can stop wondering and put your mind at ease with a pregnancy test. Wait to take it until a day or two after you miss your period.

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Conceptual Options Health News

Calling All Super Surrogates!

Surrogacy, with all of its excitement, joy and generosity, is not an easy task by any means. Surrogates put their bodies and their minds through a great deal of labor (literally and figuratively) to help individuals and couples fulfill their dream of having a child. And although they get compensated, this is not the easiest and safest way to make money. So you may ask, why do they do it? Simply said, these amazing women want to help. In many ways, these surrogates are selflessly giving of themselves (and their families) the way first responders do, when they put themselves at risk for
others. First responders save lives, our surrogates make lives. It may appear to be less heroic and it’s not as glamorous or exciting, but this is their way of helping people, of contributing to the world, of acting generously. They make the choice and the sacrifice and they truly are SUPER Surrogates!

Read more about our Conceptual Options Super Surrogates here!

Also check out our Surrogate Community here.



Conceptual Options Pregnancy News: The Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News: The Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Just having a massage is the most relaxing and feel good thing ever. Prenatal massages are so much better. There are so many benefits for having a massage during pregnancy i.e., reduces back pain, improves blood and oxygen circulation, relieves  muscle tension and headaches, improves sleep (if you don’t fall asleep on the table), and stress. Once you get off the massage table you feel like a whole new woman. Just to have a 30 to 60 minute massage just brings you back to life. So today go out and get a massage!

Read more here.

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News - Massage

Conceptual Options Pregnancy News – Massage





Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Managing Stress & Anxiety During Pregnancy

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Managing Stress & Anxiety During Pregnancy

Is it common to be anxious a lot during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings out the worrywart in all of us. And for good reason: You’re growing a life inside of you.
It’s natural to fret about what you eat, drink, think, feel, and do. It’s also perfectly normal to worry about whether your baby is healthy, how this new person will change your life and relationships, and whether you’re truly up to the task of parenthood. But if your anxiety is becoming all-consuming and regularly interferes with your day-to-day functioning, it’s time to find a better way to deal with it.

To start, gently share your fears with your partner — even if they’re about him. Chances are he’s harboring concerns of his own. Communicating openly about your anxiety can help you both feel better. Turn to friends or family members for support, too. Other moms-to-be are another source of support, as they’re probably experiencing the same worries you are.

If you’re extremely anxious or have a specific reason to be concerned about your baby’s health, share your concerns with your caregiver. If anxiety still plagues you after you’ve aired your worries and checked in on your baby’s well-being, professional counseling can help you get to the bottom of your troubles.
I have a lot of stress in my life right now. Will it affect my baby?

While everyday pressure is a part of modern life, a high level of chronic stress can boost your odds of preterm labor or of delivering a low-birthweight baby. If you’re used to caring for others or giving 110 percent at work, making yourself a priority may seem unnatural or even selfish. But taking care of yourself is an essential part of taking care of your baby. Cutting down on stress — or learning how to manage it — makes for a healthier pregnancy.

How can I calm down?

Here are a few ways to manage your stress and reduce anxiety at work and at home:

1. Practice saying “no.” Now’s as good a time as any to get rid of the notion that you can do it all. You can’t, so learn to let your superwoman ideals go. Make slowing down a priority, and get used to the idea of asking your friends and loved ones for help.

2. Cut back on chores — and use that time to put your feet up, nap, or read a book.

3. Take advantage of sick days or vacation whenever possible. Spending a day — or even an afternoon — resting at home will help you get through a tough week.

4. Try deep-breathing exercises, yoga, or stretching.

5. Get regular exercise such as swimming or walking.

6. Do your best to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet so you have the physical and emotional energy you need.

7. Go to bed early. Your body is working overtime to nourish your growing baby and needs all the sleep it can get.

8. Limit “information overload.” Reading pregnancy books, surfing pregnancy Web sites, and listening to your friends’ pregnancy stories are fine — but don’t delve into all the scary things that might (but probably won’t) happen during your pregnancy. Focus instead on how you’re feeling and what’s happening to you now.

9. Join (or create!) a support group. If you’re coping with a difficult situation, spending time with others in the same boat can ease your burden. Many women create support networks online. Visit the BabyCenter Community to connect with other moms-to-be grappling with similar issues.

10. If you’re under unusual stress or feel like you’re at your breaking point, ask your healthcare provider to refer you to a therapist, who can better assess how strong your anxiety has become and what you may need to do to feel better. Listen openly to what she has to say. Getting help during pregnancy will protect you and your baby from unnecessary risks and reduce your chances of postpartum anxiety and depression.

Read more here.

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Social Surrogacy

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency News: Social Surrogacy – It is really not all that surprising that some women want to be mothers but do not want to go through the actual physical act of being pregnant and giving birth.

Reasons as to why some women say they do not want to be pregnant – aside from medical reasons – vary greatly. For example, some women are in the prime of their careers, they have spent countless hours dedicated to their education and profession and do not want to lose out on that upcoming promotion or project that will take them to the top. Some are Hollywood actresses or models who have spent their entire lives pursuing their dream, and losing their shapes or disappearing from the public eye, even for a few months, could possibly mean losing everything they have worked for. Some women actually have a fear of carrying a child, a fear so intense that Psychologists have a name for it: tokophobia. And for others, well they simply do not want to be pregnant.

For these women, social surrogacy is a viable alternative – they want to be mothers; they just do not want to be pregnant.

From working in this industry, one thing I have learned is that the love a mother and child share goes beyond the bond created in the womb. This is evidenced not only by step-children, foster children and adopted children but also by children born via surrogacy. I think it is fair to say that these children do not love their parents any less than genetically related children love their parents. I do not buy the idea that giving birth to a child makes the love between the birth mother and child any stronger or more valid than the love shared between a child and non-birth mother.

In the wake of a potential American female president, now more than ever, women are looking to have it all. Today science and technology are affording women that opportunity – the opportunity and means to create their own family on their own terms. Elective procedures such as egg freezing and surrogacy are giving women freedom and options.

Social surrogacy is not for everyone. And just because social surrogacy is a possibility, it does not mean every woman will go down this path and not to want to carry her own child. It is simply an option, and for some women this option will help their dreams of motherhood become reality.

Saira Jhutty, PhD
CEO Conceptual Options, LLC

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency

Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency