Why is a Twin Pregnancy so Different from a Singleton Pregnancy?

As we discussed on our Conceptual Options Blog last week, whether you are a Surrogate or carrying your own babies, a twin pregnancy changes everything you may have ever known about being pregnant. In fact, we have found a great article on the Scary Mommy blog that lists the top 10 reasons why a twin pregnancy is so different from a singleton pregnancy.

Here are the top 10 reasons:
1. Welcome to a high risk pregnancy.
2. Hello puke bucket!
3. Ultrasounds! Ultrasounds galore!
4. Maternity clothes are not made for multiples.
5. You will learn a new language.
6. Exhaustion.
7. Physics will play a larger role in your life than you ever thought possible.
8. Inappropriate questions, comments, and reactions from complete strangers.
9. Invest in an under belly support band.
10. So…incredibly…uncomfortable.

There are definitely more than 10 reasons, but these are some of the best! Can you think of any advice for anyone pregnant with multiples?

Read more about twin pregnancy versus singleton pregnancy at the Scary Mommy Blog.

Conceptual Options Surrogacy - Twin Pregnancy

Conceptual Options Surrogacy – Twin Pregnancy